Our philosophy

We provide one-stop information about managing your personal and business financial needs. Our solutions are customized for your trade and industry. Depending on the size and field of your organization, we have different products and services to meet your requirements. We provide the optimum and customized solutions made for your organization. 

We believe that financial education is key to the end of poverty. Financial inclusion promotes the accessibility and usability of financial services and for those that are banked, unbanked or underbanked. 

We believe that limited financial literacy impedes meaningful financial inclusion to many South Africans.

At WEUPSKILL we largely focus on making sure that our customers are informed about holistic financial services and financial products in order for them to know that they are choosing the right products and services based on their usability and pricing.

Our strategy involves ensuring that we evaluate the appropriateness of the financial products in relation to the customer\’s circumstances like:

  • High levels of consumer debt
  • Low savings rates
  • High financial scams
  • Limited recourse mechanisms 
  • Limited business funding opportunities

The information is directed to everyone that is in contact with money, which includes people who are:

  • Start-up entrepreneurs
  • Business owners
  • Unemployed
  • Retired
  • Retrenched
  • Pensioners
  • Youth
  • Employees of all institutions including Government, Private Sector, Agriculture and SMME’s