Weprovide skills training that closes the gap between people who have passed matric and those that have not by offering SAQA accredited courses.

We ensure that people who have the required entry qualifications to the financial services sector have the necessary skills in order to be employable by developing the following required skills:

  1. General customer service,
  2. Small business management, small business application processing ,and business analysis
  3. Credit management,
  4. Credit/ debt collections,
  5. Facilitation skills,
  6. Public sector banking and management
  7. Enterprise development management,
  8. Sales and New client acquisitions,
  9. Franchise business management and finance,
  10. Structure and Debt sales,
  11. Leadership development and management

We have relationships with small businesses and corporates who are willing to employ well trained and qualified candidates.

Skills we offer include ensure that we address the following issues:

  1. Focusing on specialist 
  2. Exposure to diverse subject matters
  3. Creating a sharing culture
  4. Building a network professionals
  5. Creating a foundation for sharing information   
  6. Knowledge region focus
  7. Driving diversity in the financial market
  8. Engaging about changing demand
  9. Special focus on skills of the future
  10. Skills matching