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Author: Zandile Nyawo

Collaborative intelligence

According to John Bullock, the colony of bees operates the way it does due to the way it focuses on the survival of the colony. It is also clear that a colony or superorganism is able to leave longer and survive the hardest times together, compared to having been...
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Information is Empowerment

In qualifying the power of education is on the ability to open minds to see beyond the horizon. Limitations exist in the eyes of those that see boundaries. Education in its definition easily associates with acquiring information. Once information is used to create, enable, solve, progress and support, it...
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Use of information

There are large amounts of information available to teach people how to become entrepreneurs, however, we often find that we cannot use it. The information refers to ideas, obstacles, expansions, policies and funding opportunities. The sources often highlight other successful entrepreneurs that used the same models or information in...
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Recognition of skills

The current models within corporate institutions often recognize certain skills as more important than others, this is unfortunately to the detriment of some. We often overlook the very reason that made us go and study through various institutions, apply for certain jobs, expose ourselves to certain industries, network, and...
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Buying a business

Often when you are buying a business you are consumed with making sure that you have all the necessary documents to assist you to make the deal with the financier. You constantly request time and information from the seller, for the purposes of due diligence. This is understandable as...
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