Collaborative intelligence

According to John Bullock, the colony of bees operates the way it does due to the way it focuses on the survival of the colony. It is also clear that a colony or superorganism is able to leave longer and survive the hardest times together, compared to having been alone. Entrepreneurship involves engaging various stakeholders like staff, customers, investors, and marketers who are all working towards the same goal of being successful. Collaborative intelligence allows for one to look at the environment wider than their own and employ all senses of other collaborators to investigate and deliver the best results to the benefit of all. Think BeeHive..

Information is Empowerment

In qualifying the power of education is on the ability to open minds to see beyond the horizon. Limitations exist in the eyes of those that see boundaries. Education in its definition easily associates with acquiring information. Once information is used to create, enable, solve, progress and support, it increase its value.

The information made available is enough for the ones wanting to move from the talking to doing. Taking action requires the smart use of information. You have to persist in using what you know and the information available to ensure it turns to value. Giving up is not an option…